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Screening on
28 April at Garden cinema

ScreenBlurred Boundaries 01 模糊的边界

Featuring 3 films + Q&A with Anshan Diaries director Xiuzhi Dong

Total runtime: 107min

Blending fictional elements and documentary approach, The Mountains Sing 欢墟 is a poetic meditation on the folk song tradition of the Zhuang community, challenging the conventional representation of minority ethnic cultures in China. 
by @yangxiao_badlands 

The Name of the Plum Blossom 梅花的名字 tells an intimate story through its multilayered, tactile visuals while exploring the role of women in the 80s. 
by @chloe_shixy 

Incorporating rare archive materials, Anshan Diaries 鞍山日记 reflects on the cultural revolution through the lens of an ordinary family in northeast China.
by @charlesxiuzhidong 

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