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24 Sep 16:00

at The Garden cinema

Eight Taels of Gold 八两金

Dir Mabel Cheung | Hong Kong | 1989 | 100min

A New York Chinese taxi driver Ba Leung Kam returns to his hometown in China and finds his family has moved to Taishan. He asks his cousin Wu Tsui Po to lead the way. They do not get along well at first but have grown very fond of each other. Ba's family wants him to find a wife and go back to America together. Ba wants to ask Wu to marry him but he is too shy to utter the word. Wu's fiancé comes from America to marry her. Ba gives her all the eight taels of gold he has.

This is Mabel Cheung’s the third and final migration trilogy explores the recurring themes of unfulfilled love, loss and regret, which previously defined her earlier works in The Illegal Immigrant <非法移民> (1985) and the award-winning An Autumn’s Tale <秋天的童话> (1987).

Screening presented with Focus Hong Kong, featuring an intro by Andy Heskins from Focus Hong Kong.

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