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16 Sep 19:00

at Camden Chinese Community centre 

British Chinese shorts + Q&A

Embracing diversity in genre, subject, and perspectives, this shorts collection celebrates the voices of different generations of British Chinese filmmakers, featuring work from the 1990s to the present day.

Followed by a Q&A with directors.

Runtime: 80min


Dir. Rosa Fong / UK / 1995 / 26min

In 1977, young Xiao Mei leaves China for the UK to enter into an arranged marriage. Speaking no English and feeling distant from her Elvis-obsessed new husband and his stern mother, Xiao Mei dreams of reuniting with her long-lost parents and brother.

Granny's Ghost

Dir. Lab Ky Mo / UK / 2008 / 11min

Billy - an 8-year old Chinese boy born and bred in Belfast - is visited by his granny from Hong Kong. She has not come alone; she unwittingly brings with her a ghost - a Chinese Ghost. Back in Hong Kong, Granny is a medium interceding between her clients and their dead loved ones. The Ghost wants Granny to return to Hong Kong where all the other Ghosts are waiting for her but Billy's family want her to stay.

Mercutio's Dreaming

Dir Jennifer Lim, Daniel York Loh / UK /  2011 /  16min

A tragiccomic satire telling the tale of Lawrence Yang, a British-Chinese, would-be Shakespearean actor, and his travails in an industry that sees him only as an 'Oriental'.

British People

Dir Lab Ky Mo / UK / 2020 / 12min

The unexpected arrival of her mother and socialist brother threatens the ambitions of a prospective Conservative Party candidate.


Dir. Christina Poon / UK / 2022 / 6min

Wintermelon shows the varying perspectives my brother and I have as British-Chinese siblings whilst also focusing on these differences in an attempt to understand each other. Using old VHS-8 footage, archived images and filmed video portraits, this short film connects cultural identity within family relationships. The narrative concentrates on my Brother's side, with my view as a tool for comparison, and we navigate our conversation around our childhood and our current attitude to our dual identities.


Dir. Rosanna Lee / UK / 2022 / 10min

A young British Chinese woman goes for dim sum with her family. Unable to speak the same language as much of her family, she both participates in, and observes, the action.

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