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23 Sep 14:00

at Hackney Chinese Community centre 

Write Your Way Home:
Film and writing workshop

Come for a fun, relaxed session with ESEA films, chats, and scribbling away together. On September 23 2023, we’ll be running a creative session “Write your way home” in collaboration with ESEA Film Night and in celebration of ESEA Heritage Month.

How do we as ESEA diaspora experience ‘home’? Participants will watch two short films based around the theme of home. (film titles to be announced soon)

How do these films aid our own exploration and imagination of home? Art is made in conversation with each other, like a call-and-response, and we would like to explore home through this collaborative and multimedia practice.

Participants will be invited to respond to the films by writing  – free writing of any format is encouraged, from the personal to film writing to poetry. There’ll be an opportunity to share with everyone at the end, but this is optional. Through this workshop, we hope to nurture reflections on home, diasporic identity, and belonging and a practice of writing together in a shared space.

The workshop is open to all levels of writing and we aim for a safe, chill and free-moving, akin to a free-writing session with gentle moments of collaboration and guidance with workshop leaders Cici Peng and Lara Lynn.

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